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Wehealth session 2013
Roles and Empowerment of Women in eHealth and Telemedicine
Special Women and eHealth (WeHealth) Session at Med-e-Tel 2013


The participation of women in eHealth and Telemedicine is the focus of a study, since August 2010, undertaken by the Millennia2015 Women and eHealth (WeHealth) International Working Group chaired by Dr. Veronique Thouvenot. Its goal is to investigate how women get access to, and use, ICT for health. It aims to give a voice to local communities and silent populations living in difficult conditions. A network of 410 volunteers from 61 countries actively collects information, ideas, wishes, photos and videos illustrating the theme of women's access and use of ICT for health in their local communities. WeHealth covers three main areas: Women, Health and Technologies.

Women considered are of all ages, with a particular attention to those living in low income settings, urban slums and rural communities. Health is taken in its broad dimension, including healthcare, humanitarian emergencies, health prevention, promotion and education, at community, regional, national and international levels. ICTs and technologies cover local radios, television, mobile phones, internet, satellite communications, social media. The data was collected from September 2010 to October 2011, and the preliminary results of the study were presented at the Millennia2015 Seminar in November 2011, Paris, France (click here for details).

The qualitative analysis of the data permitted to distinguish four dimensions in the places and roles played by women within the arena of eHealth and Telemedicine:

The programme of the Women and eHealth session is organized along those lines in order to further explore and share with the participants the preliminary results of the WeHealth study and shape the Global Mapping of Women and eHealth.

Preliminary Program

The objective of the Women and eHealth session is to highlight the crucial role of women in eHealth and Telemedicine and their unrecognized capacity as builders of alternative futures, based on characteristics such as an innate future orientation, capacity to mediate and to network at all levels, capacity to be social actors, to face natural catastrophes and human conflicts by creating solidarity among women. Based on the results of the WeHealth study, the session will cover various perspectives of women in eHealth and Telemedicine, with a focus on their place and roles in this arena.

The session will consist of a series of discussion panels, in order to design a global mapping of the roles and places of women within the arena of eHealth and Telemedicine. At the end of the session, a ceremony will formally launch the ISfTeH Working Group on Women (WoW) and participants will be invited to continue the dialogue during an open cocktail.

Wednesday 10 April 2013 - 14:00-17:30


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