In this "Knowledge Resource" section, you can find references of the presentations that have been made at Med-e-Tel throughout the past years (2002-2011). It is a comprehensive listing providing an overview of Telemedicine and eHealth research, technology, practical experiences and information from around the world, which will be updated year after year with new titles and links.

The information is available sorted per Year, per Topic and per Country, and also includes a list of Evidence Based Telemedicine/Telehealth experiences.

The Year refers to the year the presentation was made at Med-e-Tel.
The Topics section lists the presentations per general topic (such as telecardiology, homecare, developing countries, etc.).
Country refers to the country of the principal author/speaker. Although this classification per country is not as relevant for all presentations (as some cover regional or global issues, or non-country specific data or experiences), it is highly relevant for some of them and allows to search for country specific Telemedicine and eHealth programs or data.
The Evidence Based Telemedicine/Telehealth section provides an overview of presentations that offer evidence of Telemedicine/Telehealth outcomes, i.e. providing an insight into clinical and/or economic effectiveness and efficiency of Telemedicine/Telehealth applications.

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